How We Adopt

We learn about potential Danny Kids in a variety of ways. Sometimes a physician makes a referral; sometimes a neighbor; sometimes another organization. The Danny Fund has informal relationships with a number of agencies such as Cancer Care, Friends of Karen, American Cancer Society and The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Pediatric Department of Social Services.

There is a real difference between what these organizations do and what The Danny Fund does. They have significant restrictions on the amount of money they spend and what they spend it on. This allows them to provide some help to a large number of needy kids.

The Danny Fund adopts a family for the long haul and provides ongoing support as it is needed. Typically, when we get a family they are in dire need and our initial support is broad and represents significant expenditures. As time passes and the financial problems stabilize, the amount of support diminishes. Therefore, our style of operation is to provide help to fewer of the most needy families and keep up that support until it is no longer needed. Many of the other organizations, understanding our approach, will refer families to us for review.

Every one of our referrals is personally visited by one of our Certified Social Workers and members of our board. They conduct a thorough socio-psychological assessment of the case which they present to our board for adoption consideration.

The first step in determining if a child is eligible for “adoption” by The Danny Fund is completion of the General Inquiry Form. You can access this form, as well as download a PDF version of our informational brochure, by clicking the appropriate button below.